Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day Six in Contest

Seeing as how today is Sunday, I wanted to make the entries simple.

For information about this contest (including the big prizes, rules and the other day entries), go here. Remember it's never too late to go back and complete entries for previous days. If you find you don't have time to catch up on the reading, simply doing the "other" entries is perfectly acceptable.

The number in parenthesis after the items listed below is the number of entries you'll get for completing that task. For example, if you answer the question regarding chapter ten correctly, you'll get two points. (And so on and so forth.)

Questions (if answered incorrectly, the entries won't count):
  • Question from Chapter Ten of The Key of Kilenya: What is the name of the black man Jacob and Akeno meet? (2)
Other (easier) Entry Options:
  • Join my email list on my website (2)
  • Create your own version of a cover for The Key of Kilenya and send it to me. Fun! (4)

While you send me your entries, also tell me which of the bigger prizes you're most interested in (if you haven't already). Go here to see them.

Please don't comment on this blog with the answers. Send me an email (ap AT andreapearsonbooks DOT com - replace the AT with @ and the DOT with .) telling me the answers to the above questions and which of the other entries you completed (including number of friends/followers you have on Facebook/Twitter). Make sure the subject of the email says something along the lines of "contest."

Oh, and don't forget to use the same email address for each entry, and to give me a name (Wattpad user name works), so I know where to give credit. :-)

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