Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas through New Years Eve Free eBook Special!!

Yay for free eBooks! But first, a personal update:

Last Tuesday (December 18) at 3:10 am, after 18 hours of labor and an emergency c-section, our first baby made her appearance into the world. Seven pounds, one ounce and twenty-two inches long. She's been such a blessing and source of joy to us and we're grateful to have her in our lives. :-)

Anyway - back to the purpose of this blog post. :-)

As a Christmas special, I'm offering a couple of my eBooks for free from now until New Years Eve! Yay for free stuff!

Britnell Manor. 


Austin receives a photograph in the mail and quickly discovers something about it isn’t quite right: every time he looks at it, there are changes.
And the changes aren’t good.

Loosely based off an MR James ghost story, Britnell Manor is a novelette in the Katon University First Year series. Will take about an hour to read.

Download it here from Smashwords (like Amazon, you'll need an account. They specialize in eBooks and are absolutely fantastic!)
And here's the coupon code to get it free: CW38Q

Kilenya Series Books One and Two

This eBook contains both The Key of Kilenya and The Ember Gods in their entirety, along with a section devoted to funny typos the author and her editors found while working over both manuscripts.

Description for The Key of Kilenya:
Two monstrous wolves drive fourteen-year-old Jacob Clark down a path to a different world near his small-town home. The creatures of this new world are peculiar, and he is surprised to learn that they know everything about him. Even the evil, immortal Lorkon, who stole the Key of Kilenya. They are jealous of Jacob and wish to control powers he doesn't know he possesses. 

Download it here from Smashwords
Coupon code to get it free: KC85F

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!