Thursday, October 16, 2014


Announcing the FIRST EVER Andrea Pearson Book Sale! :-)

We're redoing book covers for three of the Kilenya Series books and need to move out old stock. To make this easier for everyone, we've decided to do a sale on any and all of my print books, along with my Kilenya Series charms. Yay for sales! :-)

These prices are better than what you'd get at a book signing, so if you've been thinking about buying the books, now's the time to do it. :-) Plus, I'll be signing and personalizing everything. :-)

What you'll need to do:

  1. Read below, then decide what you want
  2. Send me an email (telling me which option you want, who to sign the books to, and where to ship them),
  3. Pay the PayPal invoice that I'll send OR let me know if you want to pay by credit/debit card over the phone (both will include the cost for shipping and handling), then, 
  4. Wait for the books to arrive. :-)

Here is a list of the books and merchandise that are available for this sale:

Kilenya Series:
The Key of Kilenya (Kilenya, 1)
The Ember Gods (Kilenya, 2)
August Fortress (Kilenya, 3)
Rise of Keitus (Kilenya, 4)
Eyes of the Sun (Kilenya, 5)
The Golden symbol (Kilenya, 6)

Other Kilenya Books:
Samara, A Kilenya Romance (one of my best selling eBooks, now in print!)
Kilenya and Grail Bestiary Volume I: Creatures of Grail and Kilenya (illustrated monster book)

Kilenya Merchandise:
Key of Kilenya Charm
Ember God Charm
Key of Ayunli charm (from the cover of Eyes of the Sun. Click here to see that cover.)
COMING SOON (and available for this sale, as you'll see below):
Charms for August Fortress, Rise of Keitus, and The Golden Symbol

Katon University Series:
Discern, (Katon, 1)

And here are the uber-awesome-and-amazing options:

Buy two print books (any of my full-length books) at $12 each and get one book free.

If you buy the whole Kilenya Series, you're looking at $48 for six books. That's pretty awesome. :-) The books don't only have to be in my Kilenya Series, though, so if you have The Key of Kilenya in print already, you could buy the other five plus Discern, Katon University Book One. Or any other combination of my print books, including more than one copy of a certain book. :-)

Samara, A Kilenya Romance and the Kilenya Monster book aren't full-length books so they won't count for this option.

Buy the whole Kilenya Series at $12 per book and get all three currently-available Kilenya Series charms (pictures below) for free, along with the Kilenya monster book and Samara, A Kilenya Romance.

The sampler option! Buy The Key of Kilenya (Kilenya, 1), Discern (Katon, 1), and Samara, A Kilenya Romance (the first Kilenya Romance) for $25.

Buy all six Kilenya Series charms for $20 (regularly $5 each)! (We've got the charms for Key of Kilenya, Ember Gods, and Eyes of the Sun finished and are nearing completion on the other three.)

Buy one full-length print book for $14 and get it signed and personalized. :-)

Don't see something that fits what you want? Email me and we can work something out!

Now that you've seen the options, here's how to put in your order:

Send me an email (ap @ andreapearsonbooks . com) including the following with a subject line of BOOK SALE:

  1. Tell me which of the above options you want, including the titles of the books and how many of each
  2. Tell me who to sign the books to and where to ship them
  3. Give me your PayPal email address so I can invoice you OR tell me if you want to pay by credit/debit card over the phone (you'll need to give me your phone number) 
  4. know that you'll need to pay for shipping and handling (if you are a family member or close friend and if you know where my mom lives, we can arrange to have you pick up the books there instead of having me ship them. Unfortunately, I will not be able to deliver books or meet anywhere else.)

Stock is low on a couple of the books, and depending on how many orders we get, you may have to wait for us to order more. But don't worry! If you get your order in now, you'll still be eligible for the deal listed here that you requested. :-)

Here are the changes we're making to the book covers:

Rise of Keitus:
Back when we first put the cover together, we couldn't find a real piece of wood that we liked enough for the background, so James Curwen created one using textures and layers and PhotoShop brushes. Neither of us has ever loved it, so we've constantly been on the lookout for something else. Well, we've found that something else and over the next few days, we will be putting together a new cover. :-) Yay!

Eyes of the Sun:
We, uh... forgot to put "Kilenya Series Book Five" on it, even after seeing the proof. :-) Ha ha. Yeah... :-) Hey! Don't hate - those books will be worth billions some day. :-)

The Golden Symbol:
Is getting a complete face lift. And, after looking at these pictures, you'll see why:

'Nuff said. :-)

(And if 'nuff wasn't said, that first cover really ... just didn't match the rest of the series. And you can't even tell it's a door behind the symbol, can you? The new cover features a background picture taken from the same place as the background picture in The Key of Kilenya, which is a nice way to tie off the series. For those who are interested in knowing, that forest is located in the Hoh National Rainforest in Washington state. It's a BEAUTIFUL place! My husband and I went there for our honeymoon. :-))

Here are the finished and completed charms:

I'm still in love with them. :-) Especially that Ember Gods one. :-) And as already stated, we're nearing completion on the rest of the Kilenya Series charms.

Please help me spread the word about this book sale! Share this blog post with friends, family, dogs, neighbors, enemies... pretty much everyone. :-) 

And thanks for your support and friendship!