Thursday, May 20, 2010

I broke my brain!

Okay, so here's where my writing inexperience comes in. To preface, a little information: I wrote book one of this series in almost one sitting. I didn't ever get tired of it - it was all I could think about. I didn't have any goals, I didn't have any deadlines. Just an internal pushometer which wouldn't let me rest until I'd finished the book. (I guess that counts as a goal. :-))

I'm finding myself in different circumstances this time. In fact, I think I broke my brain. The creativity is there, but it feels like it's behind heavy curtains. Like as if I'm wallowing in beef gravy, up to my chin. I sit at this computer, and my fingers refuse to type--the message isn't getting there from my thoughts. And my brain is all muddled and tired.

Is it okay to take a day off in these circumstances? Even with my daily word-count goal? Experienced writers--I know you've been here. What do you do when you break your brains? (Or am I the only one... :-))


  1. I'm right there with you...and I love the 'wallowing in beef gravy' analogy! I usually get up and do something else when my brain feels fried. Walk my dogs, watch mindless tv (which helps spawn ideas, so really it's like working!) whatever it may be to allow my brain to reboot...I couldn't survive without doing so!

    Good Luck!

  2. I'd say take some time off, but not a whole day. Do something brainless--a video game, go for a run, go do something physical. That'll help.

  3. My brain tiredness continues... and I even went biking, then did three hours of gardening! That was good work, but didn't clear my mind the way it usually does. This is much deeper than the normal "I've been staring at a computer screen for far too long" stuff. Sigh. Maybe I'll watch a movie... That helps, too. :-)

  4. Well i'm no experienced writer but when I'm designing and I get stuck for inspiration, I step away from the computer for a couple hours. Give my brain a break for a little while. Maybe watch some mindless tv! :-)
    that helps for me.

  5. But isn't this sort of normal, sometimes you do a lot of hard work and put in a lot of time and not get far, if anywhere, and other times it can be really easy usually with a much better result. I think once you get the inspiration and the vision you should go for it and write it down, even a skeleton of it so you don't forget if it's a bit complex, then do the work to write it fully, while you have the inspiration. I don't think it's realistic to expect to work to a set number of words per day at a consistent level of inspiration. Something that may help with writing is to think of what music goes with the vibe of your story, or what music is your story like? Or if you think your story needs a bit more power and drama find some music to listen to with power and drama like Evanescence or something. Then listen to it with headphones as you go through what you already have and it might get your brain ticking over again in a good direction.
    If you are looking for a romantic sort of drama you can find videos like this on youtube:

    This mix of song and images has a strong vibe that can inspire your mind if you want to write a story with this type of feel to it. Kind of like putting something into your brain to take something out, even if it is just a feeling.