Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review: I'll Know You by Heart

Author: Kimberly Job
Kimberly's website is here.

I'll Know You by Heart is the story of an abused woman, Stephanie, who, after years of marriage, makes the decision to leave her husband when he attacks one of their children. She gets out on her own, but he follows her and will not leave them alone. Through her work, Stephanie meets a nice, attractive man, and has a choice to make - divorce her husband and leave him for good, or listen when he says he's changed and move back in with him.

I was drawn into this book from the very start. Kimberly has a captivating writing style - weaving intense emotions into every scene and chapter. The characters are heart-warming and love-able, and I instantly felt myself attached to Stephanie and her children.

A fear I have (one many people possess) is that I'll end up in an abusive relationship. I don't know why, but reading this book gave me strength - it helped me recognize the ever-present role our Father in Heaven has in our lives: how much He loves His children and is guiding them. For anyone looking for good, clean romance, I'll Know You by Heart is highly recommended.

For more information (including where to order it) go here.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Andrea! I can't wait to review your book.