Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog formats?

Many of you know I'm relatively new to this whole world of blogging. I've only seriously blogged since January of this year, though I've had one for almost a year. I find myself needing help from time to time.

What I need help with now are the following:

Where can I go to find more blog background things? I've used hotbliggityblog. And that's it. I'd like a HUGE list of places to go--trusted places, and I'd like the links to be put into the comments sections of this post so I have them in one place.

Also, I know that I have to have a template in place in order to use someone else's code for the background. At least that's what hotbliggityblog requires. Are there sites where I can get different templates? Blogger doesn't give many options to choose from, and I don't really like the ones there.

Thanks ahead of time! And stay tuned for tomorrow's author interview with Krista Jensen, and Friday's with Daron Fraley. (And their interviews of me!)


  1. Just Google "blogger templates". Try not to drown.

  2. is my the best source for blogger templates I've ever found. These are downloadable templates that you download, unzip the file, then upload to blogger. Easy-peasy. I used to design templates for fun - nothing fancy, just basic stuff, so if you have any questions about installing or making simple changes (font colour and size, graphics, etc...) just let me know, 'kay? My inbox is always open. =D

  3. Graham: I'm avoiding doing any google searches for this, since I don't trust half the sites that pop up. :-)

    Thanks, Kimberly! :-)