Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween IAP: Verliege

Welcome to today's Halloween Indie Author Promotion!

Micheal Rivers -- Verliege

Q: What is Verliege about?

The world of Adrian Bolt shattered as his wife lay butchered on the floor of Castle Verliege. His conviction by a German court was as swift as the sword that killed her. He maintained his silence knowing his story would not be believed. Though his reputation was impeccable there was nobody willing to stand for him.
Another world lay in wait for anyone living within the walls of the castle; waiting, watching, for eternity to keep the Mueller name upon its registers. There is only one world here for those who choose to stay. To enter its an invitation into the unknown!

Q: What movie rating would you give your story, and to which age group is it directed?

A: PG13: young adults and older

Q: Why did you choose to self-publish?

A: I am actually a hybrid. I have a brick and mortar publisher as well as being self published. I started to self publish to have more control over my writing. Case in point I control the deadlines as well as what kind of story I wish to produce.

Q: What is your favorite Halloween story/movie, and why?

A: I am really fond of the legend of Sleepy Hollow. Take a few twists and turns; add a new shriek or two. What can I say; the possibilities are endless for this story.

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  1. Mr. Rivers is definitely an author everyone should have on their reading list. I've read several of his works and enjoyed each one... Also, thank you for your service in the military, sir.

    Glenn Starkey

  2. Thank you Mr. Starkey. I look forward to reading more of your work also. Semper Fi

  3. Thank you Andrea for posting me you are the greatest.

  4. I have read Mr. Rivers' book, Moonlight on the Nantahala and was very pleased with it. I believe it to be a great Paranormal Primer for those who are too chicken to read Paranormal books. I was so taken by Mr. Rivers writing that I plan on reading his other books including Verliege from my Kindle in the future. Hope others will too.