Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween IAP: The Adventures of Flitter and Plank

Welcome to today's Halloween Indie Author Promotion!

Bradford Combs -- The Adventures of Flitter and Plank

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Q: What is Flitter and Plank about?

Flitter, a fairy princess, and Plank, the Dryad Prince, are pulled from their war torn families by two curious little girls. Facing such challenges as a sadistic spider and the black cat from next door, Flitter and Plank must overcome their differences and return home to save the people they love. Waiting for them, however, is an ancient evil, eager to rule their woods.

Full of myth, magic, and talking animals, the Adventures of Flitter & Plank is an enchanted story fit for the whole family.

Q: What movie rating would you give your story, and to which age group is it directed?

A: G, children's novel - about a third grade reading level.

Q: Why did you choose to self-publish?

I am still finding the best genre for my voice. My ideas range from romance to fantasy, juvenile to adult. When you publish through a publishing house it's prefered that you stick to one genre and I knew I couldn't do that, not at this time anyhow. And so I chose the self-publishing route.

Q: What was your favorite costume as a child, and do you still dress up?

The very last year that I went trick or treating was the year that Jurassic Park came out. I LOVED that movie and my mom bought me a velociraptor mask, and so I went as a dinosaur. Granted, it was just a mask but MAN did I love that mask. And yes, at 31 I still dress up every year. My most recent costume was Mayhem, the insurance spokesperson.

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  1. This has nothing directly to do with this, but the phrase made me think it:

    Why is always an ancient evil in fantasy? Why is there never a brand new evil?