Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Halloween IAP: Fateful

Welcome to today's Halloween Indie Author Promotion!

Cheri Schmidt -- Fateful

Kindle, Nook, Kobo

Q: What is Fateful about?

A huge fan of Jane Austen, Danielle hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy when she attends art school in London. She does find the romance she seeks in Ethan Deveroux, but he’s no Mr. Darcy. Her hero is held by a spell which fractures their chance at a happy ending. During the day Ethan is closer to mortal than immortal. Yet, as the sun sets, the powerful magic of an ancient curse returns and the evil of that spell is revealed. When that magic begins, Danielle's fairytale romance ends because Ethan Deveroux is a vampire.

Q: What movie rating would you give your story?

A: PG.

Q: When did you discover your passion for writing? 

A: When the stories in my head started haunting me nonstop.

Q: What was your favorite costume as a child, and do you still dress up?

A: Lora Croft from Tomb Raider was probably my favorite, and I do still dress up. Occasionally. And just for the trick-or-treaters. And usually as a witch because I have lots of black and it’s easy.

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