Friday, December 16, 2011

Time Wasters

I was getting in some really good edits today until a headache hit. Brought on by stress and frustration and a whole bunch of other To-Much-To-Do stuff. The physical exhaustion followed, and I decided I needed a break. But what to do?

Then I remembered my favorite Time Wasters. Yes! I was set!

Allow me to introduce them to you.

First, we've got Movies in Five Seconds. Some of my favorites are:
The Lion King
Sixth Sense
and Harry Potter

Go ahead. Watch them. Then watch the other Movies in Five Seconds. Some of them are pretty darn stupid. Others are hilarious.

Second, we've got Desktop Tower Defense. 'Nuff said.

Then there's Overhead @ BYU. Again, some of the comments are pretty dumb, but others are seriously hilarious. (Yay for my Alma Mater . . . and the occasional silly student who attends. :-))

Then there's YouTube. Everything's on YouTube, ain't it?
We've got:
You're a Woman, Harry! (Potter)
The greatest dating video of all time
Any of Jon Schmidt's and/or Steven Sharp Nelson's videos (done by ThePianoGuys. Their latest video, Where Are You Christmas, actually makes me cry.)
The organist mess-up while playing the Hallelujah Chorus.

I also love looking at all the pictures my brother, Glenn, has taken, though I don't want to call it a Time Waster. :-) His pictures of LDS temples are absolutely breathtaking.

Last but not least, there's Travelocity. Because it's fun to think about getting out of town, even if you can't afford it. :-)

What are some of your favorite Time Wasters? Post 'em in comments below, and I'll add them to the list!

Your Favorite Time Wasters:
Other people's blogs
Playing Words with Friends


  1. I visited many of your time wasters. Good job. :)

    I like visiting Facebook. And visiting people's blogs. And playing Words with Friends. You should come play with me. :)

  2. I can't play Words with Friends! It's the game Alec Baldwin refused to turn his phone off for so a plane could land. He got kicked off the flight instead and ended up losing his game anyway.

    Therefore, I can't play the game.

    (Yeah, I'm not sure how that works out either. :-))

  3. Oh, I meant to say "so a plane could take off."

  4. So, you're punishing me because of Alec Baldwin?

    And I don't see why he couldn't turn off his phone. It's not a timed game. He could have played his word like, four hours later, and nothing bad would have happened. But he does lots of stupid stuff, so I don't know why I'm surprised.

  5. Yeah, you're right. He's a moron. And that's being generous. :-)

    And punishing you because of him isn't a good thing. :-) I sorry. :-)

  6. Hello! You have a lovely site & I look forward to reading some of your work. I found you because of your mother who have a email site for parents with missionaries. I to write & I am a designer so I was curious to see what you wrote! Love it! :)