Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kindleboards Banner

This Saturday, my book series is going to be featured on the Kindleboards as a full-size banner. We need to email in the finished product in a few hours (by tonight, which is Thursday), but wanted to get some opinions of it first.

Here it is:

A few questions:

Does it catch your eye? What is your overall impression? What is your first impression?
What do you think of the text? Anything you'd change?
What do you think of the overall composition? Does it look even, or well aligned?
Honestly, if you notice anything that should or could be improved upon, please let us know!

Thanks so much! Can't wait for it to go up!

1 comment:

  1. To be honest, the text look like it was converted from a high res image to a lower quality image. It makes me think of a 90s website, so it seems cheap and low quality. I especially notice it on the 'One Teenage Boy...' part since the text is thinner and lends to more image artifacts. I like the keys, they have a good quality. I'm not sure about the animated gif either, but then again, I don't like internet ads either. I'm not sure what skill sets your designer might have, but I'd look at making it a little more animated if I'm going to use animation. (Like somebody is typing or something) Maybe the key comes in, unlocks the banner, and then reveals the 2nd bit of information... Anyhow, just thoughts, I do like the key graphic.