Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grammar Rules: Regardless vs Irregardless

Another mistake I haven't seen in a while, but which could be reviewed: using Irregardless in place of Regardless.

Correct: Regardless.

Incorrect: Irregardless.

He wants to date her, regardless of the outcome.
Regardless of what her mother's actions would be, Suzette screamed at her brother.
She hated her, regardless of the good behavior.

Irregardless is improper and substandard. Again, don't let your writing be substandard! :-)

Authors/writers: Make sure you're on my list of authors!


  1. A British friend told me they don't study grammar in school like we do. She said they learn grammar while learning to speak and move on from there. I think part of our problem with grammar results from our immigrant history and with so much being generational. What drives me nuts is a speaker/writer who uses a singular verb with a plural subject. A close second is 'Me and him is going....' Double oy!