Friday, August 13, 2010

Grammar Rules: All Right vs Alright and A Lot vs Alot

This one is simple. All Right is correct. Alright isn't. A Lot is correct. Alot isn't. Alright and alot are considered substandard. Don't allow your writing to be substandard! :-)

All right, I'll come with you.
The setting was all right with him.

We used a lot of ketchup.
He worked a lot of overtime hours.

Authors/writers: Make sure you're on my list of authors!


  1. For now. Language continuously evolves and I believe 'alright' will eventually overtake 'all right'.

  2. Speaking of alot, have you seen this? I laugh every time!

  3. "All right" as in "Are you all right?"

    "Alright" as in "Alright, already!!"

    That's how I use them. I know that technically I'm wrong, but . . . I can bend the rules when it comes to dialogue, right?

  4. I agree. Especially when it comes to dialogue, I think the rules are meant to be bent.

    1. Well that's your pathetic opinion;
      'Alright' is probably the most common error in English,

      I'm sorry your school system failed you :).