Friday, August 6, 2010

Grammar Rules: Affect vs Effect

These two words (affect/effect) sound nearly the same, and it can be frustrating to remember which to use. Make sure you understand the rules!

Verb: "to influence," "to change."

The man doesn't affect his partner.
Good thing the cat's fur doesn't affect me now!
He won't affect me.
Leave it to me to affect the kids.
Saying the word "affect" over and over affects my brain!

Noun: "result," "impression."

The man is emotionally scarred, but without any physical effects.
Agony has a bad effect on her.
Our sales should have no effect on the business.
The wrong man will bring huge effects.

Authors/writers: Make sure you're on my list of authors!

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  1. THANK YOU! I always get these confused and as a writer myself I have to stop and think. I'm writing his down and putting a stickie on my desk so I can remember without taking five minutes to figure it out!