Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grammar Rules: Different from or Different than?

Trying to keep this shorter than the amount vs number post! It's so much easier to remember bite-size bits.

Ever wonder whether you should say "Different from" or "Different than"? Ever know there was a difference, or a correct way to say it? Wonder no longer!

Correct: Different from.

Incorrect: Different than.

My brain is different from yours.
She's different from him.
They're different from animals.
This full-time job is different from any other I've had.
The baby is different from his twin.

Different than is considered substandard. Don't allow your writing to be substandard.

Authors/writers: Make sure you're on my list of authors! I can't believe July is almost gone! Where did my summer go?

Also, my interview of Rachel Ann Nunes (author) has been published on Mormon Artist here. Check it out! :-)

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