Monday, July 26, 2010

Grammar Rules: Complement vs Compliment

The difference between today's grammar words (complement vs compliment) is nearly impossible to tell in speech, and easy to miss in writing. Isn't it weird how switching just one letter will change the meaning of a word?

"complete" something.

Your dress complements your features. (It completes you, basically.)
The new paint coat complements the house. (It completes the project.)
I asked for a new basketball to complement my new uniform.

"to praise"

She complimented the man on his new haircut.
His pride held back the much deserved compliment on his brother's decision.
The animals complimented each other on obtaining the food.

Authors/writers: Make sure you're on my list of authors!

Something that makes me crack up every time I read it: "The Sydney Olympics transport plan relies heavily on the rail network. It is expected that 80% of every single spectator will arrive by train."
Broadcaster Hugh Remington, Channel 9, Australia.

He he he. :-)


  1. Wow, this is something I forgot. Or perhaps I've never learned it. Either way, thanks for the lesson.


  2. I have to agree with Clarissa, and how a simple mistake can change everything!

  3. Great explanation of one that's very easy to confuse. Thanks for sharing these grammar rules posts. They're a lot of fun.


  4. Great post. I'm sorry I hadn't posted earlier. The Blogger service doesn't automatically update the postings of the people I follow.