Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Write a Fiction Book: Writer's Conferences, Social Networking, and "It's Who You Know"

I'd originally planned to separate this into three individual posts, but couldn't do each topic justice without putting them together.

At a glance,

Writer's Conferences:
Are an excellent way to maintain writing abilities and to hone your craft.
Introduce you to people "in the know."
Introduce you to other writers.
Introduce you to your favorite authors!
Can seem expensive, but are hugely helpful and are well worth the money invested.
Are super fun!

Social Networking:
Happens at writer's conferences.
Happens online - through blogs, forums, etc.
(Here's a list of great sites for social networking.)

"It's Who You Know":
Is how you get published.
Developing friendships with other fledgling writers now could pave the way to future deals.
Having connections is a huge in any market.

Back to the writing. :-)

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