Thursday, February 4, 2010

How To Write a Fiction Book: What To Do While Writing

This might sound silly, but the only thing I like to do when writing, is write. Seems pretty obvious, huh? You might think so, but there are a lot of things that distract me (and us) from actually getting down to the nitty-gritty.

Doing background work, researching, brainstorming, etc., is good, but it IS NOT writing. Sometimes, as my friend and fellow writer, Jaime Theler, put it, we use these things as crutches or as a way to procrastinate the actual writing.

If you need something to motivate you to stay on task, the people over at NaNoWriMo have some excellent tools and ideas here.

The main take-home message from this post is to yes, do your research and chapter and character naming, but put all of that aside when you're actually supposed to be writing. :-) There's a time and a season for everything. Personally, I like to always have a pen and small notepad with me to quickly jot down ideas that come to me at random times during the day.

Speaking of procrastination... I need to get back to working on my independent study class. Sigh.

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