Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Huge Giveaway for My Readers! :-)

Howdy, Peeps!

Pardon the massive numbers of possible prizes, ha ha. :-) I decided to go all out with this giveaway and offer like, a billion things. :-) This means that at least THIRTY-FIVE PEOPLE will win, and maybe more.

The full rules are here, (which is also where you'll enter the giveaway), but in short, you don't need to post a review to enter the giveaway. If you do post one, however, you'll get an extra entry point for each book and each retailer/website where you post a review.

Here's the awesome thing:
Most people won't post a review and will go for the free entry. Those of you who post reviews have a much higher chance of winning! 

A note about reviews: they can be as long or as short as you'd like. And they can be posted pretty much anywhere, as long as the location receives traffic. You can also copy and paste the same review for the same book to all the different places where you post one.

Here are the books I'm needing reviews on:

Discern (AmazonGoodreadsNookiTunesKobo)
Mosaic Chronicles Books 1-5 (AmazonGoodreadsiTunesKoboNook)
The Key of Kilenya (AmazonGoodreadsiTunesNookKobo)
The Complete Kilenya Series (AmazonGoodreads)

To enter and to see the rules, click here.
Here are the prizes being offered:

Digital Prizes

Three $10 gift cards to Amazon, to be awarded to three separate people.

Physical Prizes

Twenty print copies of Discern, to be awarded to twenty separate people.

Two copies of Midian, to be awarded to two separate people.

Two sets of my Ranch City Academy series books, to be awarded to two separate people.

Two Illustrated Monster books (has illustrations of my Kilenya series monsters in it), to be awarded to two separate people.

One full set of my Kilenya series books in print. That's $75 of free books! To be awarded to one person. (And gah... I just noticed how crooked the picture is. Trying not to cringe... trying not to cringe... trying not to cringe...)

Misc Prizes

Tons of Bookmarks! I've got 22 inches of bookmarks that have the old series name them. All the other information is correct, but I can't use them at book signings anymore. One inch of bookmarks equals about 70 bookmarks. If you're interested in winning bookmarks, please tell me so on the giveaway form here. I know some of you LOVE swag, so I'll probably have a bunch of people ask for at least an inch each. Number of possible winners is unknown at this point.

Facebook Cover Photo Images! Five people will be awarded the cover image of their choice, to be selected from this website. I hope you like the quotes I selected - I found them in the popular highlights of Discern. I'll ask for suggestions for more quotes at a future point.


  1. Wow, girl that's a lot of prizes! I know I reviewed Mosaic I. I've read Discern and since I usually review I probably did, just don't remember, so I'll check that now.

  2. So excited for this! I know I've reviewed quite a few of them! Hope I entered it right!!!!

  3. I've reviewed Discern on Amazon and Good reads.

  4. Wow what generosity I have reviews up for the Mosaic box set Dicern and The Kilenya book one on amazon and good reads I really love your books. It'd be cool to win a pb from you

    1. I would love to be the one to win the Kienya books because I've only read book one of that series but really fell in love with it

  5. Lot's of prizes in this contest, would be great to win one of theses. Thank you for the variety of prizes.