Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Megamind Review

My favorite word right now is "Olo." Thank you, Megamind, for introducing me to this exceptional greeting. :-)

When my brother-in-law popped Megamind into our player, I felt like arguing with him or kicking him out of the house. ;-) Most kid movies have really annoyed me lately. For example. Cloudy, with a Chance for Meatballs. I extremely disliked that one. :-)

But guess what? Megamind surprised me. A lot. I LOVED it! We bought it on bluray as soon as we could. (Well, as soon as it went down in price a bit. :-))

The one liners were fantastic. My husband and I quote them to each other all the time. The characters were well developed, the twist at the end great, and Megamind was fun, cute, intelligent, and so innocently evil. Love. :-)

If you haven't watched it, you'd better go get it and see it now. :-)


  1. We loved Megamind. As I said in my recent review of Despicable Me 2, Megamind is the reason we didn't end up buying Despicable Me.

    1. Actually, that's how it went for us, sort of. We watched Megamind first, and then Despicable Me... and I didn't really like Despicable Me, while I LOVED Megamind. :-)