Monday, April 8, 2013

Arbor Day eBook Celebration!

Hey, authors from all walks of life (ie, traditional, self-published, etc)! How many of you have books that feature trees, forests, or woods in some way, even if only briefly? How many of you have stories that take place in a tree or forest-type setting? Come join my Arbor Day eBook Celebration, and get some free promotions/marketing on April 26th, 2013!

Rules (read 'em carefully!):
  1. Your eBook must be free or discounted from its regular price the day of the promotion (April 26th, 2013).
  2. Your eBook must be an eBook. (Snicker. :-) Seriously, though. Last promotion, people were submitting paperback books. Sorry ahead of time, but no print. :-))
  3. Any length will be accepted. 
  4. Any number of eBooks from any number of authors, so long as those books follow all of the rules here.
  5. Anthologies of short stories will be accepted so long as at least a quarter (1/4th) of the stories feature trees.
  6. Your submission MUST include all of the required materials in the same email (not separate emails), else it won't be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS. Not even my best author friends can get away with not following the rules. :-) The reasons for this: last time, several authors sent the required material in many different emails, and it was pretty darn frustrating and difficult to get it all in one place for so many different people.
  7. You must be willing to help spread the word! Tell your author friends now to submit, and tweet and Facebook about the promotion on April 26th. (I'll send a reminder email the day before or the day of.)

To submit your story, please send me the following in ONE email PER eBook (so, if you've got two books, send me two emails.):
  • Your author name.
  • Your eBook's title.
  • Link(s) where it's available.
  • Original AND discounted price. (So readers can see they're getting a great deal!)
  • Number of days your book will be discounted (at least two, if not more. Many people won't get notification until a day or so after the promotion - it's hard to know when people check their emails. :-))
  • Any coupon codes (for Smashwords, etc.).
  • A good-quality copy of your cover. If no cover is included, your submission won't be accepted. I'm not going to go search the internet. :-) Don't worry about viruses - I'll be downloading all covers on my Linux laptop. (Linux is pretty much immune to viruses.)
  • A description of your book - no more than 200 words.
  • The genre and target audience of the book.
  • The rating of your book (R, PG13, PG, G, etc.).

Send submissions to ap AT andreapearsonbooks DOT com, or click here.

If you're submitting a series, let me know in the first email how many eBooks you'll be submitting. I'll do them one right after the other so people won't have to search. :-) (Remember, though, that they'll all need to be discounted to be eligible.)

Submission deadline: April 24, 2013 - in the morning. But get your submission to me asap! It's first come, first served where order in the blog post is concerned!

I'm super excited! The last promotion went really well, and I'm expecting this one to go well too. Your eBook will be put in front of upwards of 10,000 people via email - much better than internet impressions - so get your buns in gear and submit your eBooks!

Now back to writing... :-)


  1. (grinning) Do family trees count?

  2. Thanks for doing this, Andrea. I'm going to pull my stuff together and submit it as soon as I can.

  3. Andrea, it's wonderful that you're doing this for other writers.

  4. I'm a bit concerned that, should I take part, all of Andrea's fans will switch loyalty. What should I do? *grin*