Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Review: Women of Strength

Book: Women of Strength
Author: Tristi Pinkston
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From the back of the book:
The need for courageous, faithful women has never been greater than it is today. As we draw nearer to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, we are faced with temptations on every side. But we can prevail as we gain true strength from living the gospel.

In Women of Strength, Tristi Pinkston shares inspiring stories, as well as insightful quotes from Church leaders, to demonstrate the power and influence of righteous women. This book invites women everywhere to deepen their relationship with the Savior, rely on the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and learn what it really means to be strong.

Ever since Tristi and I were practically thrown together two and a half years ago, we have maintained a close relationship. I was single back then; she agreed that as part of our "arrangement" she would find me a husband. When I went to my first LDStorymaker's Conference, she took me around, introducing me to authors I'd long looked up to. We laugh together, vent to each other, and she's been an absolutely wonderful friend - completely true to our relationship. Hardly a day goes by without us communicating in some form or another.

She's only five years older than me, but because of different life experiences, she has a lot to offer in several very important areas where I often am lacking. Namely, that of marriage and all the wonderful challenges it presents: family, work, finances, callings, etc. I find myself presenting problems and sticky situations to her, wanting to get an outsider's opinion. Her advice and counsel never waver from several things: the importance of the gospel. The importance of prayer. The importance of the priesthood. The importance of open communication. And the importance of family and relationships, especially the relationship I have with my husband.

I've wished I could take her wisdom and put it in a jar where I'd be able to scoop out generous servings whenever I needed it. What a delight it was to find that the pages of Women of Strength were full of some of the best parts of our relationship: her advice, wisdom, love of the gospel, and understanding of the true relationship women have with their Father in Heaven.

My favorite part of the book was the one-on-one feel she maintains throughout. It's not as if she's speaking to a congregation, it's like she's speaking to me. And not only that, but I felt a strong confirmation that what she was saying was true; that I am a daughter of God. That I do have a role, and that I'm the only one who can successfully play that part.

The sections of the book are well thought out. Beautiful, applicable quotes from General Authorities of the Church are plentiful, with her experience and wisdom tying them together. Nearly every aspect of our lives as women is discussed.

If you're hungry for a book that enriches, uplifts, and edifies, consider purchasing Women of Strength. In these frustrating and often confusing times, we as Latter-day Saint women need to know where we stand; we need frequent reminders of God's love for us. And we especially need words of encouragement during the spiritual battles that rage all around us. Tristi Pinkston's Women of Strength will help us find that encouragement, along with the energy and strength to continue fighting.