Monday, October 24, 2011

Samara: A Kilenya Romance Has Been Published!

This is the official announcement. My novella, Samara: A Kilenya Romance, has been released! I'm sooooo excited!

When Samara Oldroyd meets the most amazing guy ever, she's frustrated their conversation is cut short. Her wishes that they'll run into each other again come true when she meets her sister's new boyfriend. It's him! Eeek!
Inspired by the film Dan in Real Life, this novella will tickle you pink as Samara tries—in vain—to undo her crush.

Price: $0.99
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(This book won't be available in paperback/hardback format.)

Here's what people are saying so far:

"This book was adorable! I lovedddd it! The ending had me 'awwing'. Is it possible to fall in love with a fictional character? 'Cuz I am in love with Matt. :-) It showed a whole other side to him that made me love him even more than I did, which I honestly didn't think was possible. Oh, my gosh, I'm so much in love with him!" - Sarah

"I didn't enjoy this book, I LOVED it!" - Jennifer

"There were a couple of rough spots, but over all, I absolutely loved this story. It was short (One-fourth the size of The Key of Kilenya), but I knew that ahead of time, and it didn't really bother me. I can't wait to read more Kilenya Romances!" - Jessie

"I just finished reading Samara and I LOVED it! Matt is insanely nice! He's my favorite. :)" - Tani

"I loved how the author knew her subjects...the nuances of each age, the subject of music and guitars. I felt like she knew the information and didn't just write a story without research or first hand knowledge. I have a feeling more people will be knowing who Andrea Pearson is in the future!" - Kim

Can't wait to hear what YOU think! :-)

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