Monday, March 29, 2010

Spread-the-Word Book-Giveaway Contest

I've come to the day which every writer celebrates. My very first

Okay, I'm so excited I'm practically bouncing out of my chair. (Those of you who know me well can probably picture this. :-))

For this first official event as a soon-to-be-published author, I'm putting on a Spread-the-Word Contest for my book, The Key of Kilenya (released July 6th with pre-ordering starting on April 6th. Description here.), with lots of fun prizes to be won. So get out your thinking caps and glasses and get ready to enter!

"What will I get?" You ask. And that's a great question. Here's what the winners will receive (are you ready for this?): The opportunity to tell everyone that YOU know a NYT Bestselling Author.



Okay, I can dream, right? :-)

Anyway, without further ado, I give you the contest

I couldn't decide what prizes to give, besides the obvious: personalized copies of my book. So, I decided to give things I myself would like to receive, or things that people I know (including kids) would enjoy. :-)

The prizes are broken into two categories. First, we have prizes that are:

  • A personalized copy of The Key of Kilenya (to two lucky winners!) 
  • A beta fish - My only pet right now is a feisty female beta named Abigill. Abigill tries to kill me every time I feed her (imagine a one-inch fish trying to jump out of the water to bite a finger). She's such a sweet thing. :-) (At least she makes me smile. :-) I'll record her antics someday and post them.) The fish aquarium/container, any shipping required, etc, are not part of the prize, but for those of you out-of-towners, I'll send you a $5 gift certificate to Wal-Mart or PetSmart.)
  • Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (If you've never tried this stuff, you're in for a wonderful, amazing, and life-fulfilling experience!)
  • A $5 gift certificate to Sub Zero ice cream (located in American Fork, Orem, and Provo, UT). Ask my editor: this is my FAVORITE place for ice cream!

And second, we have prizes that are:

  • Build-a-character coupon. You get to create a character to go in book two of Chronicles of Edana. This means you pick the name, the personality, the physical description, everything.The character can even be named after you. :-) (However, I reserve the right to place the character in any location in the book, whether on this world or on Edana. I also reserve the right to make the character play as small or large a role in the book as needed.)
  • A sneak peek at any five pages of my book. (Your choice. The pages have to be consecutive and can be chosen from chapters 1-17 of 18. Also, you have to promise, in writing, that you won't give away any important plot developments. If you have a hard time deciding from which chapters to read, I'll help you pick the more exciting ones. :-)).
  • A sneak peek at illustrations that will be included in the book (and some that won't be!). Valor is letting me do my own illustrations, and I'm really enjoying it.

Now, I think the next question would probably be, "What do I have to do to win?"

You all battle it out! Muwahahahaha!

In a totally non-violent, virtual way. :-)

Everything you do will earn you a certain amount of entries in the contest - like pieces of paper in a bowl with your name written on them. Remember that you must report what you do to me, else I won't know that it's happened. Send me an email at ap AT andreapearsonbooks DOT com or comment on this post, letting me know what you've done. :-)

There will be two first place winners: 1. The person with the most entries, and 2. A person randomly chosen from the entries.

There will also be second and third place winners, and possibly a fourth place winner and/or a most-creative winner. :-)

The first place winner (the one with the most entries) will be able to choose one prize - whatever he or she desires from the list above. The other first place winner, the randomly drawn entry (could be someone with only one entry), will then have a choice to pick whatever he or she wants. The second place winner will go next, and so on. Once a prize has been chosen, it is no longer available for the other winners.

For information on how to earn entries through blogs (including your own), go here.

For information on how to earn entries through Facebook, go here.

For information on how to earn entries through Twitter, go here.

For information on how to earn entries through emails, go here.

For information on other ways to earn entries, go here.

The contest opens Monday morning, March 29, 2010 (as soon as this blog posts), and ends Monday morning, April 5, 2010 at 9:00am. I'll be announcing the winners Monday evening. There is no age limit, though I do request that children 18 (or so) or younger have adult supervision. And, if there are kids who want to participate, but don't have the means to do so, a parent or other adult may complete the work on his or her behalf. For those who win the books, please be aware you will not receive them until July, since they won't be released until then.

Thank you to everyone in advance, and I'm super excited to see who the winners will be!

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  1. Andrea, I'm so happy for you! Congrats! (So far, I've put it on my status in FB!) Will work on the rest as I go and will email you my antics. :)

    good luck! :D

  2. Hey Andrea,

    I'm a member of the missionary mom network and heard about your exciting news from your mom. Congratulations! I just shared a link to this contest page with all my facebook friends (562 wonderful people). I also asked them to share it with all their friends. Hope it goes viral for you!

    Here's the link to my profile page, so you can see it.!/LizMillerFL?ref=profile

    Feel free to "friend" me if you can't see it.

    I'll also send a few tweets out about your book and the contest to my Twitter followers.

    Best of luck with all your exciting milestones to come.

    Liz Miller
    Longwood, FL

  3. I'm one of the moms on your mom and dad's missionary sites! :) I dabble in writing myself and am thrilled for you having this great accomplishment!! :)
    I'd love to read your book, so will see if I can figure out how to enter myself in your contest! I'm still learning my way around computers! :)

  4. FYI - Here's a cut n' paste of my tweets to my 779 followers. Hope they retweet for you :D

    LizMillerFL A friend of mine is a new author of "The Key of Kilenya" a young adult novel -
    less than 5 seconds ago via web

    LizMillerFL "The Key of Kilenya" by Andrea Pearson-win a free copy-
    1 minute ago via web

    Liz Miller
    Longwood, FL

  5. Andrea, I am so proud of you!! I put your link on my blog, so please drop by my blog and see it!!
    Donna Tagliaferri

  6. Great ideas on how to spread the word about your book! I have become a fan of both of your fb pages and put your link in my status. I also invited 160 friends to become a fan.
    This is coming in under my business account, I don't know how to change it to my personal one. But for your info my fb name is Kim Stilson Lee if you need to check on things.

  7. I just became a fan of you and of your book on facebook. Off to invite some others...the book sounds great!

  8. I'm following your blog!

  9. I am so excited for EVERYONE to read your book! and books! GOOD JOB!

  10. Congratulations, Andrea! This is pretty exciting!

  11. I'm following your blog Andrea!!! And I posted it in my facebook status. I'd post it in my blog but I only have two people following me right now so I think that would be cheating. By the way this is your favorite ex-visiting teaching partner. ;)

  12. hi andrea im in vernal ut ,i am a member of your parents missionaries in chile group.i have a son who is 12 yrs,we will be buying your book we need good reading material for kids ...and advertising on my home school page,, good luck and if you need any help please send this out again how will we get books,,i have a huge family.that love these kind of books,,tammy batty at e-mail address ,,,,, let us know what we can do to help

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  14. Hi Andrea! I posted a blurb about your AWESOME book on facebook with a personal recommendation (from me and Nate). I can't wait to read it in July! Chris Olson

  15. Hey Andrea, looks like the ball is rolling with your book i can't wait to read it!! I am going to talk ward book club into reading it come july. congratulations

  16. That is so wonderful! Congratulations!