Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How to Write a Fiction book : Intro to Writing My Book - The Key of Kilenya :-)

Today, I decided to relate my experiences in writing a book - the journey, where it took me, what I learned, etc., and hope others learn from my experiences.

The Key of Kilenya started as an idea I had for a magical key at the age of six. I built on that idea, and it evolved into what it is now: a YA (12+) fantasy about fourteen-year-old Jacob. It will be released this July. Yay! (For more info, check out my website)

I was a BEGINNER at creative writing when I started Jacob's story. I can't say that enough - I'd never before written anything from my imagination. Unfortunately, I didn't know how much of a beginner I was until I'd made many obvious mistakes (obvious to someone who's written fiction before). Like many other novices, I figured if Michael Crichton could write, so could I. :-) (The whole, "If Yan can cook, so can you!" motto seemed to apply perfectly. :-))

I learned rather quickly that this isn't the case. It takes practice, knowledge of dos and don'ts in writing, and an understanding of where your characters and story are going.

Due to my OCDness, I'll be keeping an updated list of each topic here and will refer back to this post with every future post. I can't promise I'll blog in chronological order, but this post, at least, will show the correct order, according to how I did things. :-)

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