My Art

I've always dabbled in art on the side, for as long as I can remember. The time and energy I put into it is really helping me now that I'm creating most of my own book covers! Continue scrolling to see a few of my projects.


I need to get close-ups of these sets. Both were completed a couple years ago.

This is part of a wall mural I did in my room at my parents' house. It's not finished here, but that room represents some of my favorite work. Not quite realistic, peaceful, serene. 

Stupid shaky camera hand... this picture was completed for my older brother's Eagle Court of Honor. It took me months! I was 15. I used mostly acrylics but also a bit of watercolor. 

More from when I was 15-16. (I was obsessed with long curly hair. This was before I found out I had naturally curly hair. :-))

Another one from when I was 15, 16.

I did the following pencil sketches for an illustrated version of The Key of Kilenya for a previous publisher. I never quite finished a couple of them because I ended up leaving that publisher. :-)


This is the first oil painting I did and also my first portrait (outside of the two girls above). Completed when I was 18. Original by Greg Olsen.

This one is six feet wide and three feet tall. It took six months to complete. It's currently "on display" in our dining room.

I'll post more as I do more! The oil painting right above this is the last piece of artwork I did. I finished it a few months ago. Every year or so, I do another oil or acrylic painting. Now that I put most of my creative energies into writing, I don't do a lot of art. But I doubt I'll ever stop completely. :-)


  1. Wow you are a very talented young lady Andrea. Amazing art for one so young an I am sure your even better now. <3

  2. You are an amazing artist Andrea, I love your work.