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February 2015 Author Promotion!

In celebration of the release of my newest teen romance, Midian, several authors and I are teaming up to bring you these fantastic and clean eBooks! :-) We've got something for everyone!

As a side note, if you're interested in reading The Key of Kilenya for me (to give feedback on scenes I've changed), fill out this form here.

Midian, A Kilenya Romance 
Andrea Pearson


Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: $0.99


Midian has lived in Gevkan Castle for almost all of her twenty-five years, growing up alongside Princess Arien. Though timid, she's content in her life and comfortable with the people who surround her. It's not until she meets Kelson, best friend of Prince Dmitri, that she realizes how deep her shyness runs. Kelson is outgoing and wildly flirtatious, pushing Midian away when all he wants is to draw her closer.

Midian's life is put in danger when she's kidnapped by the neighboring king who thinks she's the princess and wants to leverage her life for power and money.

Will Kelson be able to stop the king fast enough, proving his affections for Midian, or will the king's scheming keep them forever separated?

The Manor 
(A Katon University Novella)
Andrea Pearson

Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: FREE


Austin receives a photograph in the mail and quickly discovers something about it isn’t quite right: every time he looks at it, there are changes.

And the changes aren’t good.

The Angel 
(A Katon University Novella)
Andrea Pearson

Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: FREE


Lizzie doesn't know the old whistle she found in a deserted trapper's cabin is possessed. She blows on it, accidentally calling back the spirit of a dead goddess consumed by the desire to snare the person who called her.

When the goddess arrives in the form of a statue, the stillness of Lizzie's mountain retreat is destroyed.

Tides Across the Sea
Lu Ann Staheli

Regular price: $3.99
Sale price: $0.99


Set against the background of the exploration of the Aztec civilization, TIDES ACROSS THE SEA, opens in the year 1519, where the passion for adventure and the lust for gold reign in the hearts of both young and old. Fifteen-year-old Felipe is no exception, though his yearning for adventure is tempered by his love for the beautiful Manuela. She wants to marry him, but when Felipe ends up on Cortés’ ship bound for the New World, the young couple is pulled apart. Felipe and Manuela each must find a way to overcome the odds stacked against them if they want to someday reunite.

Bless Your Heart: Low-sodium Recipes for a Heart-healthy Lifestyle
Tristi Pinkston

Regular price: $2.99
sale price: $0.99


Tired of bland, boring low-sodium recipes? Tristi Pinkston brings some spice back into the kitchen with this huge collection of recipes designed to show your heart, and your taste buds, some love.

Season of Sacrifice
Tristi Pinkston

Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: $0.99


Sarah Williams is a young Welsh immigrant, coming to Utah to join her sister Mary Ann Perkins and her young family. When the Perkins' are asked to join the San Juan mission to pioneer a trail through Southern Utah, they take Sarah along to help care for the children. But a six-week journey turns into six agonizing months of hard work and toil as the Saints blast their way through a cliff to bring their wagons through what would become the famous Utah landmark "Hole in the Rock." This LDS historical fiction novel is based on the life of the author's great-great-grandfather and accurately depicts the experiences of these intrepid pioneers as they sought to be obedient to a higher call.

For Love or Money
Paige Timothy

Regular Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $0.99


Cynical Morgan has just about decided that no one could possibly fall in love with her - all the good guys want perfect girls, and she's anything but perfect. But then along comes the guy who falls head-over-heels in love with her just as she is and helps her find the bright side of life again. This is book two of the Main Street Merchants series – book one, And Something Blue, is already just .99 all the time.

Behind the Mask (Horstberg Saga #1)
Elizabeth D. Michael (AKA Anita Stansfield) 

Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $.99


When You’re Hiding For Your Life, What Do You Live For?

Abbi has the gift of dreams. But her uncanny ability to see glimpses of the future has no apparent purpose or meaning until a dream leads her to a man on the brink of despair and destruction. Cameron is a man without a name and without a country, framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Long ago forced into exile and believed dead, the passing of years have defaced him of all hope. The country of Horstberg suffers beneath the weight of tyranny, and only Cameron holds the secret that could see her ruler undone and restore the people to peace and prosperity. While revolution brews and whispers of treason threaten all that is dear to Abbi, she remains unaware of her own ability to answer a nation’s prayers. Trusting only her heart and the power of her dreams, Abbi gives all that she has to lead Cameron back into a civilized world, where love is real and freedom comes only in facing what hides behind the mask.

A Matter of Honor (Horstberg Saga #2)
Elizabeth D. Michaels (AKA Anita Stansfield) 

Reglar price: $5.99
Sale price: $0.99


When Honor Means More Than Anything To A Man, Can He Sacrifice His Honor For Love?

Captain Lance Dukerk has no doubt that the only woman he ever loved married the right man—even though that man wasn’t him. Yet he longs to have that kind of love in his life and is growing weary of being known as the most eligible bachelor in Horstberg’s military force. When poverty-stricken Nadine Rader arrives at Castle Horstberg, insisting that her young daughter is the legitimate child of the duke, it becomes increasingly evident that the deceased ruler Nikolaus du Woernig left a torrent of disillusionment and heartache in his wake. Inexplicably drawn to Nadine, Lance takes personal charge of seeing that her needs are met as she attempts to piece her life back together. Their mutual attraction quickly merges into something profound, until Nadine discovers that Lance’s connections to Nikolaus go far deeper than she’d ever imagined, and her budding trust in Lance shatters. Nadine’s life becomes more troubling as women who fit her description are brutally murdered, and neither she nor Lance are prepared to face startling evidence that widens the chasm of mistrust between them. While Nadine fights to stay alive, Lance relentlessly tracks the monster responsible for these horrendous crimes, hoping he’ll be in time to protect the one woman he knows he can never live without.

The Superstitious Romance
Anastasia Alexander

Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: free and $0.99

Kindle (99 cents)
Nook (99 cents)
iTunes (free)

Can Love Survive Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th has always been unlucky for history professor Camille Britain, and this one doesn't seem any different. In an effort to escape her failed marriage, Camille is renting a cabin in beautiful Island Park, Idaho, where she meets wildlife photographer Jackson Armstrong, who scoffs at her superstitious ways and infuriates her with his offers of help. Camille doesn't need another man—not even one as compelling and attractive as Jackson. Especially when he seems hung up on another woman. And yet Camille can’t deny the passion between them or the way Jackson makes her feel. This Friday the 13th upsets both their worlds by forcing Camille and Jackson to see things about themselves, their families, and each other that might—with a little help—change them forever. Maybe this time superstition is on their side. The Superstitious Romance is a story about a strong woman who feels weak, a man who doubts himself, and a powerful love that changes everything.

Kenneth R. Tarr

Regular price: $2.99
Sale price: $0.99


Sometimes you have to run for your life

At Lincoln High, Nathan Stewart is practically invisible. The only time he is noticed is when his fellow students need someone to torment. Not only do they call him nerd, bookworm, or “Birdlegs,” but they also threaten him with physical violence. The problem has become so serious that two of his main goals in life are to hide his skinny body from his classmates and to escape the constant persecution of the bullies, especially muscle-bound Kit Morrison.
As one of the outcasts at Fremont, Nathan has little hope that the girl of his dreams, Kathy Young, will ever notice him. So he resigns himself to adoring her in secret. The only person who really knows how Nathan feels is his friend in misery, a classmate named Benny Berger, who is hounded and teased for being fat and clumsy. But Nathan has one remarkable ability that has the potential to change everything and win the admiration of that very special girl.

The Change
Teyla Branton

Regular price: $4.99
Sale price: FREE


Death, Life, or Love—Unbounded Always Play for Keeps

There are only two ways to kill Unbounded, and fire isn’t one of them—as law school dropout Erin Radkey learns the hard way. By fluke of a recessive gene, she has become Unbounded, a nearly immortal being with paranormal abilities.  Erin’s Change separates her from her loved ones and alters everything she believes to be true. A week earlier she was considering a marriage proposal; now she contemplates the best way to stay alive. Caught in a battle between two Unbounded groups, the Emporium and the Renegades, she is also hunted by a secret mortal society sworn to eradicate the Unbounded gene. Some will stop at nothing to use Erin as one more pawn in a battle that has spanned centuries. Erin’s undeniable attraction to Ritter Langton, whose family was massacred by opposing Unbounded two hundred and forty years ago, complicates her choices. There are no second chances. Death, life, or love—Unbounded always play for keeps.

This Very Moment (New cover!)
Rachel Ann Nunes

Regular price: $3.99
Sale price: $0.99


A Compelling Story of Heartbreaking Loss, Inspiring Faith, and a Newfound Love Strong Enough to Heal All Wounds.

Bill Dubrey is a sought-after plastic surgeon for LA’s prestigious and wealthy, and an equally sought-after bachelor. On the surface it appears he has it all—money, respect, and fame. Yet behind his aloof exterior lurks a tragic past that prevents him from finding lasting happiness.  All that changes on the day Kylee Stewart reenters his life. She alone knows Bill’s secret agony, and she is determined to help him face his past. During the years they’ve been apart, Kylee’s own life has been far from easy, but unlike Bill, she has turned to God in her need, finding a faith to which she desperately clings.  The tentative friendship they begin has Bill rethinking his stark future, yet he keeps his heart in check—afraid to commit, afraid to lose again. During Kylee’s darkest moment, when she needs him most, will he be there for her?

Aliso Creek Romances Box Set 
Heather B. Moore

Regular Price: $4.99
Sale price: $0.99

Welcome to the Complete Aliso Creek Series Box Set:
Liz, Gemma, Arie, Jess, and Drew have been best friends since creating the “Five” at Aliso Creek High School. But that was over ten years ago, and each is still trying to find that perfect someone . . . if perfect is even possible.

Enjoy reading! And don't forget to fill out that form to read The Key of Kilenya! :-)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Schedule at LTUE!

Here's where I'll be at LTUE (February 12-14) and on which days:


9:00am: Defining Digital Design: Amanda Sorensen, Justin Kunz, Devon Dorrity, Andrea Pearson, Travis Walton

1:00pm: Description: Drawing the line between too little and too much: Chris Weston, Karen Hoover, Andrea Pearson, Suzanne Vincent, Clint Johnson

4:00pm: Disease & Epidemics: Holli Anderson, Derrick Dalton, Andrea Pearson, Johnny Worthen, Karen Webb

6:00pm: Publishing In The Future: Lisa Mangum, Andrea Pearson, Nathan Shumate, Joe Vasicak, Scott Bascom


12:00pm: Publishing In Today’s Market: Jared Barneck, L. E. Modesitt Jr., Jess Smart Smiley, Adrienne Monson, Andrea Pearson

3:00pm: The Elements of Horror Fiction: Virginia Ellen Baker, Steve Diamond, Sarah Seeley, Nathan Shumate, Andrea Pearson

8:00pm: Mass book signing


9:00am: Orson Scott Card and Ender’s Game – Grudge Match: Book Moves and Movie Counter-moves in the ​Movement of Redefining Gender Roles: Jenniffer Wardell, Scott R. Parkin, Andrea Pearson, James Wymore, Brian Lewis

2:00pm: Horror fiction, haunted houses, etc. Why are we so fascinated with being scared?: Sandra Tayler, Steven Diamond, Randi Weston, Andrea Pearson

6:00pm: Writing for Children: Jessica Day George, Julie Wright, J Scott Savage, Andrea Pearson

And in other news, I've completed two new books recently: Bezza's Book of Enchantments and Midian, A Kilenya Romance. I can't wait for both to be released! Bezza will be coming out in April or May (it's going to be illustrated... writing it was the easy part!) and Midian will be coming out in about a month. Yay for new things to read!

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Bookmarked Bargains Promotion - November 2014!

Happy eBook promotions! We over at Indie Author Hub are excited to announce our third Bookmarked Bargains event! With 60+ eBooks and 45+ authors, this is our biggest event yet. Each book is heavily discounted or free! We're offering a giveaway for a Readers Party Pack, valued at $160. Come check it out by clicking here!

Also, my latest book, Discern (Katon, 1) has been nominated for an award! I'm so excited. :-) It's a people's choice award and I'd forever love you if you came and voted for it here on Goodreads. (You need to sign in to Goodreads to see the "Vote for this book" button.)

Please consider voting for other books on the list as this award celebrates clean and good books of every genre! :-)

Have fun with that Bookmarked Bargains promotion! :-)

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Announcing the FIRST EVER Andrea Pearson Book Sale! :-)

We're redoing book covers for three of the Kilenya Series books and need to move out old stock. To make this easier for everyone, we've decided to do a sale on any and all of my print books, along with my Kilenya Series charms. Yay for sales! :-)

These prices are better than what you'd get at a book signing, so if you've been thinking about buying the books, now's the time to do it. :-) Plus, I'll be signing and personalizing everything. :-)

What you'll need to do:

  1. Read below, then decide what you want
  2. Send me an email (telling me which option you want, who to sign the books to, and where to ship them),
  3. Pay the PayPal invoice that I'll send OR let me know if you want to pay by credit/debit card over the phone (both will include the cost for shipping and handling), then, 
  4. Wait for the books to arrive. :-)

Here is a list of the books and merchandise that are available for this sale:

Kilenya Series:
The Key of Kilenya (Kilenya, 1)
The Ember Gods (Kilenya, 2)
August Fortress (Kilenya, 3)
Rise of Keitus (Kilenya, 4)
Eyes of the Sun (Kilenya, 5)
The Golden symbol (Kilenya, 6)

Other Kilenya Books:
Samara, A Kilenya Romance (one of my best selling eBooks, now in print!)
Kilenya and Grail Bestiary Volume I: Creatures of Grail and Kilenya (illustrated monster book)

Kilenya Merchandise:
Key of Kilenya Charm
Ember God Charm
Key of Ayunli charm (from the cover of Eyes of the Sun. Click here to see that cover.)
COMING SOON (and available for this sale, as you'll see below):
Charms for August Fortress, Rise of Keitus, and The Golden Symbol

Katon University Series:
Discern, (Katon, 1)

And here are the uber-awesome-and-amazing options:

Buy two print books (any of my full-length books) at $12 each and get one book free.

If you buy the whole Kilenya Series, you're looking at $48 for six books. That's pretty awesome. :-) The books don't only have to be in my Kilenya Series, though, so if you have The Key of Kilenya in print already, you could buy the other five plus Discern, Katon University Book One. Or any other combination of my print books, including more than one copy of a certain book. :-)

Samara, A Kilenya Romance and the Kilenya Monster book aren't full-length books so they won't count for this option.

Buy the whole Kilenya Series at $12 per book and get all three currently-available Kilenya Series charms (pictures below) for free, along with the Kilenya monster book and Samara, A Kilenya Romance.

The sampler option! Buy The Key of Kilenya (Kilenya, 1), Discern (Katon, 1), and Samara, A Kilenya Romance (the first Kilenya Romance) for $25.

Buy all six Kilenya Series charms for $20 (regularly $5 each)! (We've got the charms for Key of Kilenya, Ember Gods, and Eyes of the Sun finished and are nearing completion on the other three.)

Buy one full-length print book for $14 and get it signed and personalized. :-)

Don't see something that fits what you want? Email me and we can work something out!

Now that you've seen the options, here's how to put in your order:

Send me an email (ap @ andreapearsonbooks . com) including the following with a subject line of BOOK SALE:

  1. Tell me which of the above options you want, including the titles of the books and how many of each
  2. Tell me who to sign the books to and where to ship them
  3. Give me your PayPal email address so I can invoice you OR tell me if you want to pay by credit/debit card over the phone (you'll need to give me your phone number) 
  4. know that you'll need to pay for shipping and handling (if you are a family member or close friend and if you know where my mom lives, we can arrange to have you pick up the books there instead of having me ship them. Unfortunately, I will not be able to deliver books or meet anywhere else.)

Stock is low on a couple of the books, and depending on how many orders we get, you may have to wait for us to order more. But don't worry! If you get your order in now, you'll still be eligible for the deal listed here that you requested. :-)

Here are the changes we're making to the book covers:

Rise of Keitus:
Back when we first put the cover together, we couldn't find a real piece of wood that we liked enough for the background, so James Curwen created one using textures and layers and PhotoShop brushes. Neither of us has ever loved it, so we've constantly been on the lookout for something else. Well, we've found that something else and over the next few days, we will be putting together a new cover. :-) Yay!

Eyes of the Sun:
We, uh... forgot to put "Kilenya Series Book Five" on it, even after seeing the proof. :-) Ha ha. Yeah... :-) Hey! Don't hate - those books will be worth billions some day. :-)

The Golden Symbol:
Is getting a complete face lift. And, after looking at these pictures, you'll see why:

'Nuff said. :-)

(And if 'nuff wasn't said, that first cover really ... just didn't match the rest of the series. And you can't even tell it's a door behind the symbol, can you? The new cover features a background picture taken from the same place as the background picture in The Key of Kilenya, which is a nice way to tie off the series. For those who are interested in knowing, that forest is located in the Hoh National Rainforest in Washington state. It's a BEAUTIFUL place! My husband and I went there for our honeymoon. :-))

Here are the finished and completed charms:

I'm still in love with them. :-) Especially that Ember Gods one. :-) And as already stated, we're nearing completion on the rest of the Kilenya Series charms.

Please help me spread the word about this book sale! Share this blog post with friends, family, dogs, neighbors, enemies... pretty much everyone. :-) 

And thanks for your support and friendship!


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For the Fun of It: Author Promotion

Hello, all!

It's time for another Clean eBooks Author Promotion! Yay!

This promotion runs from Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 10:00pm MST until Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 11:59pm MST. Enjoy these fantastic, clean eBooks, which include my latest release! :-)

Discern, Katon University Book One

Andrea Pearson
Kindle, Nook, Smashwords
Paranormal Romance

Nicole Williams is an Arete—a fourth child with magical abilities—yet no matter how hard she tries, she can’t Channel her power. In fact, she seems to be the only student at Katon University who fails at magic.

That doesn’t stop magic from finding her. It starts with magical currents and possessed books before moving quickly to cursed spiders and freaky shadows. Nicole turns to her best friend for help, along with fellow student Austin Young, who is considered by all a magical rarity. He also happens to be the hottest guy on campus and just might be interested in her.

Nicole soon finds herself competing to be included on a university-led expedition to Arches National Park. She is determined to show everyone, but mostly herself, that she does belong. Yet, to qualify for the trip, she must produce at least a speck of Wind magic, and that appears to be impossible.

As the competition progresses, Nicole wonders if she’s making the right choice—especially when she learns that the strange fossils they’ll be studying in Arches might not be as dead as everyone thinks.

Prejudice Meets Pride

Rachael Anderson
Kindle, Nook
Contemporary Romance

After years of pinching pennies and struggling to get through art school, Emma Makie’s hard work finally pays off with the offer of a dream job. But when tragedy strikes, she has no choice but to make a cross-country move to Colorado Springs to take temporary custody of her two nieces. She has no money, no job prospects, and no idea how to be a mother to two little girls, but she isn’t about to let that stop her. Nor is she about to accept the help of Kevin Grantham, her handsome neighbor, who seems to think she’s incapable of doing anything on her own.

Prejudice Meets Pride is the story of a guy who thinks he has it all figured out and a girl who isn't afraid to show him that he doesn't. It’s about learning what it means to trust, figuring out how to give and to take, and realizing that not everyone gets to pick the person they fall in love with. Sometimes, love picks them.

Your Eyes Don't Lie

Rachel Branton
Kindle, Nook
Contemporary Romance

Sometimes Surviving Isn't Enough . . .

Years of living on the street and fending for herself have made Makay Greyson tough and resourceful, if a bit disillusioned. She's come a long way from sleeping in parks and scavenging for food. Her entire focus is on providing a better life for her young brother, one without fear of loss and

That certainly doesn't leave time for Harrison Matthews, who from their first meeting sends fire through her veins and upsets all her carefully laid plans.

Makay has done things she isn't proud of to survive, and those choices now threaten the small amount of security she's created-and any chance of a future with Harrison. They've been raised in two very different worlds, and the secrets they both hide can only lead to disaster.  There is only one chance to make it right, and one misstep could be fatal.

Your Eyes Don't Lie is a story about facing fears, sacrificing for those you love, and about a girl who thinks she isn't worth loving and a guy who knows she is.

A Fantasy Christmas

Cindy C Bennett, Stephanie Fowers, and Sherry Gammon
Kindle, Nook, Smashwords
Paranormal Romance

A Fantasy Christmas is an exciting collection of romantic stories by best selling authors Cindy C Bennett, Stephanie Fowers, and Sherry Gammon. You'll find Elves, Greek gods and witches!

Halfling by Cindy C Bennett
Banished from the South Pole, Kara tries to carve out a new life among the elves of the North. It’s not easy with a secret to protect—a secret she's cursed with by the unusual circumstances of her heritage: half-elf, half-fairy. In the North, she’s assigned to work with Seb on a special project. He's the most gorgeous elf she’s ever seen - and the orneriest.
As if being banished wasn’t punishment enough.

Aphrodite by Stephanie Fowers
Nothing is simple for Aphrodite’s daughter, especially love.
Scorned by society in regency England, Affry longs for romance. Upon encountering a dashing nobleman at her aunty's Christmas' ball, Affry gets caught in a lovely intrigue with disastrous results. Worse, she wins the interest of the gods. Now the furies of the underworld and Hades himself are after her.

Loving Marigold by Sherry Gammon
Young Marigold Yarrow has a secret. She’s also in love with Jack Mahoney. In the middle of her ninth grade year, Jack's family up and moves to Port Fare, New York, leaving the small town of Sugar Maple, West Virginia - and Marigold - far behind.
Nine years later Jack and Marigold meet again but this time it could be magic that tears Jack and Marigold apart.

Ride to Raton

Marsha Ward
Kindle, Nook, Smashwords

Thinking he's been treated unjustly by his father, James Owen leaves the family homestead to make a new life for himself.

The turbulent world of post-Civil War Colorado Territory is fraught with danger and prejudice that increase his bitter loneliness as personal setbacks threaten to break him. Then James's journey brings him into contact with another wayfarer, beautiful young Amparo Garcés, who has come from Santa Fe to Colorado to marry a stranger. Through a twist of fate, their futures are changed forever when their lives are merged in a marriage of convenience. James and Amparo undertake a hazardous horseback trek over Raton Pass to Santa Fe, battling their personal demons, a challenging language barrier, and winter's raging storms.

"Ride to Raton is a pure western, complete with bad guys and broken hearts and even a dog. The sequel to The Man from Shenandoah features James Owen, the younger brother. Marsha Ward writes a fantastic romance against a vivid southwestern backdrop. James begins this book as a hurt young man, but by the end of the book, I really could see him grow up and become a man. Made tougher by circumstances he has no control over, James realizes that the love he thought he had lost was nothing compared to what Amparo shows him. Amparo is a young Hispanic lady, forced to leave her home in Santa Fe to marry a stranger in Colorado. She bravely faces her uncertain future, relying on her faith to get her through. She is sweet, loving and she provides a great contrast to James's rough exterior. With an ending that surprised even me, Ride to Raton is not your usual romance. However, I do recommend it for western lovers—even the cover is wonderful! Marsha Ward once again shows us her gift for old fashioned storytelling!" ~Jen Hill, Roundtable Reviews

The Husband Maker

Karey White
Kindle, Nook
Contemporary Romance

Charlotte’s a girl with nicknames. She may not love being called Charles or Chuck, but the hardest nickname to take is the one she was given in college, the one that’s followed her now for too many years. They call her “the husband maker” and sadly, it fits. Every guy she's dated since high school has gone on to marry the next girl they date. Not two or three girls down the road. The very next one.
Is she doing something wrong or is she just cursed?

When Kyle Aldsworth enters the picture and sweeps her off her feet, Charlotte begins to hope that maybe she's not destined to be single forever. A senator’s son with political aspirations of his own, Kyle's wealthy, handsome, and in need of a wife. Will Charlotte be disappointed yet again, or will she finally be able to make a husband for herself?

Life, Love, and The Pursuit of  Free Throws

Janette Rallison
Teen Comedy

Josie loves hottie Ethan Lancaster, the captain of the basketball team, but she never can do or say the right thing in front of him. So how can it be fair that Ethan is only interested in her best friend, Cami, when Cami isn’t even trying for his affection? Or is she?

Cami dreams of winning her basketball team’s coveted MVP award, and earning the chance to take the court during a special halftime demonstration with WNBA star Rebecca Lobo, but her best friend, Josie, is a better player. So how can it be fair that Josie is a shoo-in for the honor if she is barely interested in basketball in the first place and isn’t even trying to be the best? Or is she?

Told from two points of view, this novel of freshman life, love, and the pursuit of free throws displays the same delightful humor as Janette Rallison's other comedies.

My Forever: A Triple Treat Romance Box Set

Annette Lyon, Karey White, Cami Checketts
Kindle, Nook
Contemporary Romance

A Portrait for Toni  by Amazon bestselling author Annette Lyon 
Toni has no idea what she’d do without her best friend, Carter. Who else would she be able to vent to about her parents, her job at the dance studio, or her latest relationship woes? That is, until he starts questioning Toni, saying he thinks she has an eating disorder. Then she starts dating Clint, and somehow that puts a deeper wedge between her and Carter. When she’s hospitalized after an on-stage collapse, and Carter stupidly starts in with advice about food and weight, she sends him away. One night after a performance, Toni tries to mend the hurt between them. Instead of finding Carter, she stumbles onto proof that he has feelings for her that go way beyond those of a friend. Toni is left with the very real prospect of losing Carter forever, unless somehow she can return his feelings—but that’s impossible. Isn’t it?

My Own Mr. Darcy by USA Today bestselling author Karey White 
After being dragged to the 2005 movie Pride and Prejudice by her mother, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth’s life changes when Matthew Macfadyen’s Mr. Darcy appears on the screen. Lizzie makes a promise to herself that she will settle for nothing less than her own Mr. Darcy. During the six intervening years, she finds all of her suitors lacking—they just aren’t Mr. Darcy enough. Coerced by her roommate, Elizabeth agrees to give the next interested guy ten dates before she dumps him. She starts dating Chad, but she believes her dream comes true in the form of wealthy bookstore owner Matt Dawson, who looks and acts like her Mr. Darcy. But as Elizabeth simultaneously dates a regular guy and the dazzling Mr. Dawson, she’s forced to re-evaluate what it was she loved about Mr. Darcy in the first place.

The Broken Path by Amazon bestselling author Cami Checketts 
Injured in a debilitating accident at age six, Ethan Searle believes women eye him with a mixture of pity and disdain. He’s tried love before. He won’t again. He meets his match in a precocious two-year old who loves him despite his disability, even while her mother seems bothered by everything about Ethan. Autumn Reader escaped her abusive marriage with her beautiful daughter and a stack of fear. She can’t make the mistake of trusting a man again. Autumn’s daughter becomes enraptured by Ethan. Despite Autumn’s best intentions, she finds herself following her daughter’s example. When her ex-husband reappears, threatening everyone she loves if she won’t submit to his demands, Autumn has to learn to trust or lose her chance at real love.

Still Time

Maria Hoagland
Kindle, Nook, Smashwords
LDS Women's Fiction

Thrust into the chaos of her mother-in-law’s hoarding and forgetfulness, LDS church member Alyssa Johnston wishes she could retreat to a simpler time when her kids were small and almost anything could be fixed with a hug. But reassurance and a quick distraction no longer erase the pain of a missionary son who is struggling, a young teen who is bullied, or a daughter who is distant. As Aly’s own life and relationship with her husband plunge out of control, she wonders if her faith will be enough to keep her family—or herself—from falling apart.

Still Time is a deeply moving story about a woman’s faithful journey into the next phase of her life. You will laugh with Aly, feel her sorrow, and see yourself in Maria Hoagland’s realistic, heartfelt portrayal of a woman’s struggle to keep her family safe and hold back time as long as she can.