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A list of all of my self-publishing posts, for your convenience (and mine too :-)):

Calm Down, Slow Down
How to Create a Perma-Free eBook
How to Get Book Reviews
Liberation in Self-Publishing
The Tortoise and the Hare
Prolific vs Blockbuster
Writing with Feeling While Under Pressure
What Are You Waiting For?
Which Stage of Becoming an Indie Author Are You in?
Technology Terms in Your Books
Writers Write!
Traditional Publishing = Vanity Publishing
Indie Questions
Exciting Updates and Words of Encouragement
In the News and Indie Publishing
Let's Not Be So Negative
Two Articles to Read About Self-Publishing
Self-Publishing Myths and My Publishing Story
Author Tip: Copyright Laws and Personality Rights
JK Rowling on Failure and Imagination
Author Etiquette and Rules

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